Welcome to my site, it contains mostly technical topics and some rather eclectic subjects such as (historical) British Naval Slang and the words to British National Airs!

Educated in Electronic Engineering, I am a Chartered Engineer and specialise in the design and use of microcontrollers and have a wide ranging knowledge of these together with radio communications. For those who know of him or have read his books, I was lucky to be tutored in my subjects by Professor Douglas Lewin.

My ethos is to transfer as much of my knowledge to others in the most easy to understand way that I can and particularly to avoid so-called obfuscation techniques used by many as a form of knowledge is power! Most of my current projects use the Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 micro-controllers and are documented in these pages for your reference and use. Code for all projects can be found on GitHub under ‘G6EJD’.

As a UK Radio Amateur my callsign is ‘G6EJD’, which I’ve held since 1981 and I operate on the following bands: HF on 80M (80 Metres wavelength or 3.5Mhz), 40M (7.0Mhz), 20M (14Mhz), 17M (18.1MHz), 15M (21MHz), 12M (24.9MHz) and occasionally 10M (28MHz) together with VHF on 2M (144Mhz) and UHF (440MHz). I operate (QSO) using most transmission modes of SSB, FM, AM, CW, PSK, QPSK, HELL, FSK, MFSK, SSTV and Olivia, plus a whole lot more… I’m working towards a worldwide award known as eDX100 that requires radio contact to be made with 100 countries and so-far my country count is 85, so just 15 more to go.

These pages are provided by a Raspberry Pi 4 running the Apache web server.

If I’ve helped you, please consider treating me to a cup of coffee at my favourite café via PayPal. It also helps me maintain my feed of YouTube Technical videos by purchasing equipment, you can make a donation here: