ESP Projects

ESP (32 and 8266) Technical Notes and Source-Code

TN102 – TBA Video Code
TN101 – ESP32 4.2” e-Paper Weather Display ‘Goes Smaller Again! /span> Video Code
TN100 – ESP32 7.5” e-Paper Weather Display – ‘Goes Large!’/span> Video Code
TN099 – ESP32, 2.9″ e-Paper, Speaker, SD-Card Reader and Lipo charger/span> Video Code
TN098 – ESP32/8266 Runtime Error Debugging Video Code
TN097 – WEMOS LOLIN D32 Overview Video Code
TN096 – WEMOS D1 Mini V3 Overview Video Code
TN095 – Tech Note 095 – Testing 5 popular ESP32 Development Boards on Battery Power Video Code
TN094 – Tech Note 094 – Wemos ESP32 ‘pro’ overview Video Code
TN093 – Tech Note 093 – ESP(32 or 8266) Sensor Data Upload to Weather Underground Video Code
TN092 – Tech Note 092 – ESP32 and 4.2″ e-Paper for a Weather Display (low power) Video Code
TN091 – ESP32 and 2.9″ e-Paper for a Weather Display (low power) Video Code
TN090 – M5 STACK (ESP32) Development System Overview Video Code
TN089 – ESP Programming (Break-out boards) Video Code
TN088 – ESP32/8266 Sensor Monitor Video Code
TN087 – ESP32/8266 Download, Upload, Delete, Stream and Directory Services  Video Code
TN086 – Uploading Files to an ESP32/ESP8266 Video Code
TN085 – Downloading Files from an ESP32/ESP8266 Video Code
TN084 – ESP Hints and Tips (Config erase, Restart, C ternary operator)  Video Code
TN083 – ESP Sensor Server and Clients (for DHT, SHT, BMP085, BMP180, DS18B20, etc)  Video Code
TN082 – ESP32 Over-the-Air (OTA) Updating  Video Code
TN081 – ESP32 Using the Hardware Serial Ports  Video Code
TN080 – ESP Data Logging Web-server Video Code
TN079 – ESP General Purpose Web-server Video Code
TN078 – ESP32 Real Time Morse Decoder Video Code
TN077 – ESP32 8-Octave Audio Spectrum Display Video Code
TN076 – ESP8266/ESP32 Audio Spectrum Analyser using FFT  Video Code
TN075 – How to connect and get I2C devices working (Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266) Video Code
TN074 – GPS Compass using an ESP8266, NEO6M GPS and ILI9341 Display Video Code
TN073 – Novelty Xmas and NY Count Down Timer Video Code 
TN072 – ESP8266 and MAX30100 blood oximetry and heart-rate sensor display Video  Code 
TN071 – ESP32 Digital to Analogue Converter Video  Code 
TN070 – Adding a new board definition to the Arduino IDE Video   
TN069 – Using the ESP32 ADC and some of its more advanced functions  Video  Code 
TN068 – Arduino IDE how to Determine, Add and Change Pin Mapping  Video  Code 
TN067 – Bosch BME680 Environmental Sensor. Air Quality, Temperature, Pressure and Humidity  Video  Code 
TN066 – SHT35D Sensor with water vapour permeable filter cap Video   
TN065 – TSYS01 High Accuracy (0.1°C) Temperature Sensor  Video  
TN064 – ESP32 How to Connect SPI Devices and Get Them Working  Video  
TN063 – ESP32 / ESP8266 How to Connect and Get I2C Devices Working Video  
TN062 – WEMOS Lolin32 (surprisingly low power demands when powered by 3v3)  Video  
TN061 – WEMOS ESP32 Lite (Review and differences)  Video  
TN060 – ESP32 Using (more advanced) Time Services  Video Code
TN059 – ESP32 Using Time Services (a simple approach)  Video  
TN058 – ESP8266 Ultra Low Power Test Results Video Code
TN057 – ESP32 Ultra Low Power Test Results Video  Code
TN056 – ESP32 ePaper Weather Station using serial (UART) display with Code  Video Code
TN055 – Using ePaper SPI Displays with an ESP32/ESP8266  Video  Code
TN054 – ESP Thingspeak Channel Data Reading  Video Code
TN053 – ESP32/ESP8266 Wi-Fi Survey Tool; Interpreting RSSI and conducting a survey  Video Code
TN052 – ESP32 how to use SSD1351 1.5″ Colour OLED  Video Code
TN051 – Thingspeak Uploading and Deep Sleep using an ESP32 or ESP8266  Video Code
TN050 – ESP Weather Forecaster – No External Data Needed  Video Code
TN049 – WROVER ESP32 Review and Weather Forecaster Demo  Video Code
TN048 – WEMOS D1Mini to ESP32 (upgrade) ? Video Code
TN047 – DS18B20 High Quality Water Proof Sensor  Video Code
TN046 – ESP32 How to connect SSD1331 Colour OLED Displays  Video Code
TN045 – ESP32 ILI9341 TFT and how to use Hardware SPI for ultra fast graphics  Video Code
TN044 – ESP32 how to use ILI9341 TFT displays  Video Code
TN043 – ESP32 1.3″ OLED Weather Station using scrolling frames  Video Code
TN042 –  ESP32 Weather Station (two code examples provided at GitHub)  Video Code
TN041 – ESP32 X1 board with 0.96″ OLED display and DHT22 temp/humidity sensor  Video Code
TN040 –  ESP8266 3 Day Weather Forecast Webpage Server  Video Code