I have been a Chartered Engineer since 1995, educated in Electronic Engineering and specialise in computing and networks and radio systems.

My current projects include development and programming of ESP8266 and ESP32 micro controllers and I have a YouTube channel devoted to helping others  learn about the subject.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator since 1981 with the call-sign of G6EJD and operate on all bands, but mostly HF on 80M (80 Metres wavelength or 3.5Mhz), 40M (7.0Mhz), 20M (14Mhz), occasionally 10M (28Mhz) and 2M (144Mhz). I operate using most modes from SSB, FM, AM, CW, PSK, QPSK, HELL, FSK, MFSK, SSTV and Olivia, plus a whole lot more…

I’m working towards an award known as eDX100, which requires contact to be made with 100 countries; so-far my country count is 85, so just 15 more to go!