Davis Weather Link Live

To get the key or links, go to Weatherlink Live App Webpage, then go to Bulletin, then at the top-right choose Share & Uploads, then Embed then select the desired format:

<iframe src=”https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/api-key/summary” width=”100%” height=”1050″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

<p align=”center”><iframe src=”https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/api-key/wide” width=”560″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″></iframe></p>

<p align=”center”><iframe src=”https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/api-key/slim” width=”338″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″></iframe></p>

<p align=”center”><iframe src=”https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/api-key/signature” width=”760″ height=”250″ frameborder=”0″></iframe></p>

<p align=”center”><iframe src=”https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/api-key/fullscreen” width=”760″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″></iframe></p>

To view data directly from the WLL:


Where n.n.n.n is the WLL IP address on the local network e.g.

Note: Some browsers won’t display the data because the end of the message sent by the WLL is not complete, but the result should look like this:

{‘data’: {‘did’: ‘001E0A71475D’, ‘ts’: 1710936038, ‘conditions’: [{‘lsid’: 414281, ‘data_structure_type’: 1, ‘txid’: 1, ‘temp’: 61.5, ‘hum’: 74.1, ‘dew_point’: 53.2, ‘wet_bulb’: 56.1, ‘heat_index’: 60.9, ‘wind_chill’: 61.5, ‘thw_index’: 60.9, ‘thsw_index’: 65.3, ‘wind_speed_last’: 3.0, ‘wind_dir_last’: 167, ‘wind_speed_avg_last_1_min’: 1.31, ‘wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_1_min’: 180, ‘wind_speed_avg_last_2_min’: 1.37, ‘wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_2_min’: 187, ‘wind_speed_hi_last_2_min’: 4.0, ‘wind_dir_at_hi_speed_last_2_min’: 225, ‘wind_speed_avg_last_10_min’: 1.18, ‘wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_10_min’: 209, ‘wind_speed_hi_last_10_min’: 4.0, ‘wind_dir_at_hi_speed_last_10_min’: 227, ‘rain_size’: 2, ‘rain_rate_last’: 0, ‘rain_rate_hi’: 0, ‘rainfall_last_15_min’: 0, ‘rain_rate_hi_last_15_min’: 0, ‘rainfall_last_60_min’: 0, ‘rainfall_last_24_hr’: 1, ‘rain_storm’: None, ‘rain_storm_start_at’: None, ‘solar_rad’: 357, ‘uv_index’: None, ‘rx_state’: 1, ‘trans_battery_flag’: 0, ‘rainfall_daily’: 1, ‘rainfall_monthly’: 1, ‘rainfall_year’: 1, ‘rain_storm_last’: None, ‘rain_storm_last_start_at’: None, ‘rain_storm_last_end_at’: None}, {‘lsid’: 414278, ‘data_structure_type’: 4, ‘temp_in’: 71.2, ‘hum_in’: 52.4, ‘dew_point_in’: 52.9, ‘heat_index_in’: 70.0}, {‘lsid’: 414277, ‘data_structure_type’: 3, ‘bar_sea_level’: 30.06, ‘bar_trend’: -0.002, ‘bar_absolute’: 29.915}]}, ‘error’: None}

The WLL DOES NOT require any inbound ports to be whitelisted in the firewall. To connect to Davis servers, it only needs the ability to make outbound connections on port 5621 and to make DNS queries on port 53.